RUNWAY SHOW 13.7.2024 17h

Einlass 15:30h

Come visit our fashion show "#YOLO - life is short, why be shy?", which will take place on Saturday, July 13th at @kolbhalleartistcommunity (Helmholtzstraße 8, 50825

Koln Ehrenfeld).



About the Event:

We aim to shatter society's seriousness and return to our true selves - maybe even revisit our inner child. You only live once! Appreciate your time on earth, have fun and live like you really want to.

Enter a world liberated from social norms, where our models, performers, and audience can be themselves without judgement from any #haters! A space where individuality and freedom reign supreme.


What to Expect:

Entry 15:30

Show starts 17:00



Come early to immerse yourself in the world we have created and enjoy an incredible atmosphere with music, food and drinks!

Prepare to be presented a collection by

@elenaschr3der, which dances on the edge of „Can I do this?" and "Isn't this embarrassing?" - #cringe.


Dress Code:

Be bold! Be colourful! Be happy! Feel free to wear that one item you bought but never wore because "there wasn't a right occasion."



If you are ready to embrace the spirit, please RSVP purchase a FREE ticket via @rausgegangenkoeln, as you will need to show the ticket for your entry! https://rausgegangen.de/en/events/yolo-show-0/


Code of Conduct:

Please interact and communicate respectfully with our models and guests. We do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other forms of discrimination at our event. If we notice any discriminatory behavior, we will remove you from the event.


„#YOLO - life is short, why be shy?" is 

a project of young designers from the @kisdesign (Köln International School of Design, TH Köln). It is a self-financed, non-commercial event.